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Southwestern provides the highest quality, on time and cost-effective solutions throughout all points of the manufacturing process.  We respect value for dollar, which is reflected in our smart manufacturing choices and managing the process from processing to delivery.  With our in house expertise, SMI offers innovative solutions to traditional methods that provide our customers the benefit of cost-effective solutions in an ever-changing global marketplace.


At Southwestern, the procurement process is critical.  Our mission for manufacturing and service excellence begins with relentless focus in quality and cost management ensuring excellence in our product and service.  We value integrity throughout the process from concept design, planning, procurement, cutting, and product development to delivery.

We offer a large 30-foot long oven to accommodate large parts, one of the largest in the province, and a 9-foot wide oven to keep your costs low on smaller details.  The ovens are calibrated on a yearly basis for efficiency and sustainability.  The in-house oven will minimize cost and potential delays caused by outsourcing.

After stress relieving, steel parts are blasted, cleaned and primed or painted.  Our high-pressure blast room is 12′ x 20′ x 32′ and our wheelabrator for smaller parts swings 9 feet in diameter.  We offer shot blasting, wheelabrator capabilities and Multiple large paint booths in all facilities to meet the needs of your project.

Southwestern has extensive knowledge in fabrication and welding.  The steel fabrication process allows for complexity, repeatability, held tolerances, and durability.  With 30 years in business and 300 employees we have the skill and experience to satisfy the most complex requirements.  We offer solutions to keep your project on budget and on time.  We have over 50 certified welding machines and we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide timely turn around.

The fabrication area can lift up to 150,000 lbs.  We operate multiple large cranes in each bay to supplement the manual welding.  Southwestern has two state-of-the-art robotic welding stations available as needed.  Our capability spans long for MIG, TIG, SUB ARC and Electro Slag welding.  With an in-house UT/LPI/MPI licensed team to ensure quality of welds.

We operate with state-of-the-art technology, including the latest in CNC equipment, that allow us to machine high-precision components of any size.  We offer an impressive collection of 40+ CNC machining tools, and 20 CNC boring mills.  We’re continuously adding new equipment with the latest on the market to work steadily on your project.  Southwestern is able to machine a wide range of size products, small to extra large.  All machines are calibrated on a 12-month cycle to ensure accuracy.  Machine level calibrations are performed annually on all equipment.  We have a team of employees focused on quality in our machining shops to get the job done to print and on time.

The team at Southwestern offers extensive experience in machining.  We specialize in building prototypes, piecework, large or small-volume production runs.  Operating the latest Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing technology and software allows full control over our machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of work-pieces.  The maximum capacity for table weight for our machine shop is 190,000 lbs.

All parts are inspected at various stages throughout the process to meet stringent standards for quality, reliability, and safety.  With each project, our qualified inspectors sign off the traveler and in the end a final inspection is completed.  We are running 3 CMM machines in 3 locations, adding new machines to manage incoming capacity.  One CMM machine is considered the largest in the province.

All Southwestern sites are equipped with state-of-the-art laser tracker and faro arm technology to support manufacturing and to ensure world-class product.  Our CMM inspection with FA, PPAP, SPAP, repeatability study, is offered through our quality department.

With 30 years of quality and inspection procedures in place, Southwestern takes pride in our work and quality assurance is first priority.  We perform our own non- destructive and ultrasonic testing in house for your convenience.  We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 certified along with our Nuclear N299.3 certification.  With controlled goods certification opening the doors to perform government/military projects.  Southwestern is meticulous in our attention to detail.

We value collaboration, work with an open line of communication and provide frequent status updates to ensure the project in on schedule.  We understand that cost and scheduling are critical, and our project managers are able to plan and execute to exceed customer expectations.  Our project management is laser focused on our production processes that are structured to minimize risk and maximize quality output.  Our ERP scheduling allows detailed start and finish times throughout the most complex projects, you can rest assured nothing will be missed.

With in-house logistics at Southwestern, our customer benefits in cost reduction and workload.  With our fleet of Volvo VVN Tractor 48’ Trailer, Volvo VNL, International TerraStar and Dodge 1-Ton Pickup, we are able to deliver the finished project on time and on budget, directly to your door.