• 3710 Peter Street, Windsor ON Canada
  • (519) 985-6161

We specialize in custom manufacturing of weldments and machining for the nuclear energy industry.  Our work is high precision to meet the tight tolerances required for nuclear industry.  We perform precision fabrications of complex weldments, and we are skilled at minimizing distortion with our heat flow knowledge.  Whether you require a one off job or several units for your nuclear project, we offer an extensive collection of equipment to complete the work project on time and within budget.

The nuclear industry demands thorough and complete quality packages.  We offer a comprehensive document package to fulfil the exacting standards required for nuclear work, utilizing our years of experience and our full array of quality inspection equipment.  We also offer job-site troubleshooting and manufacturability/design review at the start of the project.  We manufacture parts including, but not limited to:

• Crane Gantry system
• Cradles
• Fuel Rod Transfer components
• Pedestal assemblies