• 3710 Peter Street, Windsor ON Canada
  • (519) 985-6161

Southwestern provides fabrications, machining and refurbishing services with various steel types, to manufacture pieces large and small for mining operations.  The capacity of our operation qualifies up to 60 tons for larger components, to small components weighing less than 2lbs.

With many years of experience that we have developed from delivering mining equipment parts, we offer a full suite of services to build a strong partnership with you to complete your project.  We’re determined to provide the solutions to manufacturing parts of all sizes with great precision.  Included here are few of the parts that we have manufactured and delivered:

• Haulage frames
• Front and Rear frames
• Ranging arms
• Crowd frames
• Rolling lines
• Forging presses
• Crawlers

We offer engineering solutions as well as field support to confirm quality of our product and services to exceed your expectations.