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The oil & gas industry relies on steel fabrication of parts and structures built to withstand harsh environments.  These parts and structures must be durable, reliable and robust for production, storage and transportation of oil and gas.  Southwestern has long been a trusted partner to parts producers in this industry.

Steel manufacturing in oil & gas requires specialized processes and the expertise of highly skilled professionals, advanced technology, and particular equipment.  The fabrication process involves precision in cutting steel into specific shapes and sizes, welding, machining, and finishing for onshore and offshore markets.  The final product must meet the stringent requirements of the oil and gas industry, including environmental regulations, safety standards, and quality control.

• Fracking pumps
• Mud pumps
• Spider bases
• Gear boxes

As experts in the fabricating and machining for leading manufacturers in the oil and gas industry, we take pride in our work as a trusted partner.  Our program managers focus on reducing cost and scheduling from design to delivery.  The goal is always to find the most effective course of action for the best results.